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Violblast is a thrash metal band from Figueres, Spain. After a year playing with the name Betrayer, the band changed their members and the name for Violblast in August 2012. All along the year 2013 they spend their time composing and doing shows in Catalonia. In May 2014 the band entered into the studio to record the first EP, “Permanent Hate“, released officially in July of the same year, having good reviews in the Spanish underground scene. During a year and a half the band presented “Permanent Hate” across Catalonia running out all the physic copies of the album. In October 2015 Vioblast closed the “Permanent Hate” era to compose during 8 months their first LP.


  • AndrĂ©s Perez – Voice and Bass guitar
  • Santi Turk – Guitar
  • Sebas Silvera – Guitar
  • Sergio Ruiz – Drums