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Vanagloria was born in 2004, with the purpose of developing a type of music where the velocity and power prevail, without forgetting the melody, of course.

Vanaglorias own style have been shaped by the passing of the years as well as by the different members that were part of the band and by those that currently are part of it, the band changed abruptly with the arrival of Luis M Merino his current singer.

The huge versatility that owns Luis voice aroused in Vanagloria the courage and curiosity to lead it´s music to other composite levels, within the extreme metal, as usual. Thus they offer to the public a quality material, well elaborated, trying to provide anytime the freshness and renewal air that today´s music scene is longing since long time ago.

Part of what you can find in each Vanagloría´s work is, disturbing lyrics, extreme voices along with a powerful music, dark atmospheres, different passages with an electronic touch. Thus they are able to transmit the power of all that sometimes frighten and disturb or at the very least doesn´t leave anyone indifferent, from the depths of our minds.

Vanagloria- Vestigios de lo inhumano

  1. Vórtice
  2. Devastación
  3. Alimaña
  4. Gevaudan
  5. Muere y Deja Vivir
  6. Tus Malos Recuerdos
  7. Nueva Era
  8. Vestigios de lo Inhumano
  9. Doppelganger
  10. Patógeno
  11. En la Oscuridad