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Tálesien was born in Galicia from the ashes of Kraken, a band that released two EPs (Tierras de Sangre, 1999 – Eyes of Destruction, 2000) and toured all around the Galician territory.
Josetxo Caamaño, Sergio Pérez, Javier García, Juan Carlos Cotelo, José Barros and Fernando D. San Román created Tálesien back in 2002.
In that year they presented their EP No limits in time, taking the leap into the national scene. This meant appearing in the media and being on the bill with big metal bands (Anthrax, Cradle of Filth, In Extremo, Lost Horizon, Los Suaves, DIO…).
In 2005 they released their first LP The Blind Carpenter. It was recorded at Estudios Bonham in A Coruña, mastered by Alberto Rionda and featured the collaboration of Pedro Valero (Luar Na Lubre) and Fernando Calvo (Los Suaves). During the album release tour, they travelled across Spain and took part in several festivals.
Melancolía is their second album. It was released in 2008, recorded at Estudios Boham and mastered at Finnvox Studios (Finland) by Mika Jussila. The English language is put aside for the first time and the Spanish is used in all tracks instead. The media welcomed this album with very positive reviews and their concerts in many cities of Spain were very much followed. In addition, the song En tu nombre was awarded Best Song of the Year in Galicia and in 2010 they released the acoustic Ep Metamorosis as a supplement to Melacolía by recycling old tracks and using some recent ones.
In 2012, El Silencio was launched. It is a collection of intense tracks with powerful riffs, well-crafted melodies and personal lyrics that follow the line of their previous album. El Silencio was recorded at Estudios Sandman in Madrid by Carlos Santos, mastered again by Mika Jussila and featured the collaboration with the keyboards of Manuel Ramil (Sauze, WarCry). Anxo Silveira (drums), Iñigo Uribe (keyboards) and Nano Vikendi (lead guitar) joined the band for the album tour which included many gigs in Galicia, both in festivals and clubs, and also in Madrid, Barcelona and Asturias.
After some months working with the band, M.A. Justo “Macaco” was introduced as the new bass player of Tálesien in January 2016. With this new addition the band is complete and their new album is being recorded at Estudios Pousada Son with Iago Pico as producer. This new project will be named after the band to show a new beginning, a powerful comeback with striking and intense tracks, and a modern sound that does not forget the essence of the band based on the liking for melody, a progressive touch and a constant evolution. The release is expected in autumn 2016 and it will mean one step further for the band, a quality leap as far as composition and music quality is concerned.
And to finish up its extensive discography, Tálesien has contributed to the compilation records tribute to DIO and the Colombian band KRAKEN. All these years Tálesien has shared stage with many national and international metal bands: DIO, Anthrax, Riot, Cradle of Filth, Inmolation, In Extremo, Avalanch, Su ta gar, S.A., Saratoga, Obus, Tierra Santa, Stravaganzza,


Javier García – Vocals
Juan Carlos Cotelo – Guitar
Nano Vikendi – Guitar
M.A. Justo “Macaco” – Bass
Iñigo Uribe – Keyboards
Anxo Silveira – Drums


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