Slammin’ Thru

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Slammin’ Thru is a band formed in A Coruña (Galicia, Spain) at late of 2002 by David (vocals), Alberto (guitar), Óscar (guitar), Guts (bass), Axel (keyboard) and Adrián (drums).

The band recorded their first demo in 2005, since then, the group began playing in several venues in Galicia, sometimes sharing the stage with other galician bands of rock and metal.

Slammin’ Thru has also participated in several Galician festivals such as Ortegal Rock.

In 2013 the band records its first EP, Disguised Queen (available in Bandcamp), and that same year, they open the show for Glenn Hughes at Santiago de Compostela.

Currently, the band is releasing its new album, “Things to come”, through Suspiria Records.

The sound and style of the band is close to progressive rock and metal bands, and gathers the influences of all the members, which go from classic rock, progressive metal, and 80s-90s rock.

Slammin Thru- Things to Come

  1. Metallic Leaves
  2. Things to Come
  3. Disguised Queen
  4. Break
  5. Undisclosed
  6. Pariah
  7. Seeing Eye