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Almost 2 years have passed since Skydancer last work, ¨Winterkiller¨(2012). It was the first time that the band got some attention on the European metal media. Now, the galician metalheads leadered by Dany Soengas return with their 4th studio album to make a new sonical statement: ¨Land Of The Grim¨.Taking a step forward on their way of understanding the music, this new LP features old school death metal vocals mixed with their characteristic melodic contrasts (as shown in ¨Swamp Tomb¨, ¨Ancares¨…etc). The rough voice tone (¨Meet The Ferryman¨) and the intimist instrumental interludes (L´Even & Lembraza) are also present in some moments reminding somehow their previus works, and making this new one anything but a usual melodeath record. It doesn’t matter how many elements they add or remove , Skydancer are bonded by blood with their sound, totally recognisable.Most of the lyrics and the general themes of the album, are inspired once again by the feelings and myths of their homeland, Galicia.
One of their most personal songs ¨O Peso do Tempo¨, is sung in galician language and ¨The Galician Exile¨ is the result of their recent history. In other ones as ¨Ancestral Lands¨ the author is just meandering.The LP was recorded and produced by Dany Soengas, trying to stay away from fashioned metal, looking for a classic and solid sound loyal to their cause: play the music they love, as they love it.

  1. Swamp Tomb
  2. Ancares
  3. Ancestral Lands
  4. L´Even
  5. The Ferryman
  6. O Peso Do Tempo
  7. The Galician Exile
  8. Lembranza