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Raze was formed in As Pontes (A Coruña) in 2007, when Sebas, Marcos and Moro started to get together from time to time to play some versions and hang out.

Gradually they came to realize the musical taste they shared and that the style that unites them is thrash metal, so they decided to take it as a group project and for that, and almost by chance, they brought in Macaco and Samuel.

With the whole line up by mid 2007, they begun to compose their own songs and decided that the band’s name, as a formal project, would be Raze.

Settled with a name, songs of their own and some versions, Raze debuted live the 5th of July of 2008.

RAZE’s style can be defined as thrash metal, close to bands like Megadeth, Slayer, Kreator, Annihilator, or, in general, the whole classic thrash metal, similar to (relatively speaking) the Bay Area’s or German’s thrash metal, but closer to a progressive hint and the evolution of the style towards new sounds.

By mid 2010 Samuel had to leave the band, so Macaco began to take care of the voices aswel.

In August of 2011 Raze edited its self-produced first EP, “Man vs Machine”.

Continuing with the composition of news songs. Raze started to take the EP live around Galicia and some other places in Spain, sharing stage with local and national combos, and a few international.

They stopped their activity in 2012 and Moro decided to leave the band, and David came in his place.

Embrazing this new stage of the band, they took some time to get some new songs done and improve what they already had so they could record their first LP.

In 2015 Raze have edited its debut LP “Mankind’s heritage”.

Raze- Mankinds Heritage

  1. Bad News
  2. L.O.B
  3. Evil Waits
  4. The Siege
  5. Raze The Earth
  6. The Church Is On Fire
  7. Do You Wanna Die?
  8. Streets Of Wickedness