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Formation and early years (2006–2011)
Perpetual is born in A Coruña, Galicia, in the northwest coast of Spain, in 2006, from members of other local bands such as Kromlech, Dama Negra, Last Flyer, etc. Having grown up in the same neighbourhood, the band was for them the ideal launching pad that would let them show their most extreme influences, with the goal of getting a dense, forceful sound. The initial line-up consisted of Iván Angeriz (drums), Dani Fraga (bass), Berto Rey (guitar) and Héctor González (vocals) and lasted for several years during which the band started rehearsing and composed its very first songs.
This bore fruit in 2009, with the recording of its first demo: Visions of Death. It’s a raw recording that nonetheless offers a glimpse of the sound that will later characterize the band: a really forceful sound, halfway between technical and melodic death metal, as a result of relying on a single guitarist and a bass player, something unusual in the genre. This recording already features some songs that will accompany the band in subsequent years, such as Among the Mutilated Corpses, the song that opened the demo, as well as other songs that were later rejected, given the ever-evolving nature of the band.
2010 marks a turning point the moment Dani quits the band, leaving them without a bassist. Then, they enter a long period in which a series of replacements fail to fit in due to several reasons and the band find themselves more involved in rounding out the band than in moving on and creating new songs.

Stability and first video clips (2012–2013)
It’s not until 2012 that Perpetual finds stability with the arrival of Virgy Rose, filling in on bass. It is at this point that Perpetual focuses more in rehearsing and starts to try and find dates for their first gigs with its new line-up.
Not surprisingly, the first concerts take place in A Coruña and nearby areas, what helps them gain experience and prove that the band puts its best face live, with a more developed sound than the one that’s on the demo. In the two following years, concerts start pouring in and new songs are created providing a good picture of the evolution of the band and the greater complexity of its sound. During this period some live videos are published on their YouTube channel (, in some cases with a substandard sound due to the lack of resources, but which lets us perceive the connection between the band and his fans.

First album (2014-2016)
It is in 2014 that Perpetual starts to think about recording his first album, and after receiving an offer, they decide to edit it themselves just to have total control of the result. The album would be named after one of his most recent songs by then: Carving a Dismembered God. Recorded at the rehearsal room El Taller, with Carlos Arean as producer.
In September 2015, Carving a Dismembered God is released and Perpetual enters a new phase, collaborating with Trasnoise, preparing the tour following the release of the album, giving concerts all over the Iberian Peninsula, and taking part in festivals like 981 United, Napalm Fest, Trasnoise Fest, etc., beginning with the presentation concert that they give in A Coruña, sharing the stage with Barbarian Prophecies, Asegún and Sepultureros. By that time his first introduction video is published, choosing for it the track Age of Wolf. The album is available on digital platforms such as Spotify, Google Play, Bandcamp, etc.
On September 9, 2016 they release their second music video, this time the title track, Carving a Dismembered God, directed by Fran Martínez. No effort was spared to get a professional work and the video earns critical acclaim in the specialized media. Finally in November 2016 Perpetual gives the last concert of the tour presenting his album in A Coruña with Kuna de odio and Barbarian Prophecies.

The last line up and a great future ahead (2017- )
The following year passes by writing new material for the next album, alternating with several gigs and festivals, sharing the stage with bands such as Avulsed or Childrain. It is during this time that Berto and Virgy decide to leave the band and Borja García and Eloy Vilaboa would take the duties on guitar and bass respectively.
In 2018 the band completes the songwriting process for the new album, whose main theme and source of inspiration are the current society and misanthropy. In this work the new members contribute their ideas and influences, which leads the band to a new step in its evolution. For this recording the band chooses The Ocean Studios with Brais Landeira as producer and Brutal Disorder from Mexico is responsible for the album artwork. The new album, entitled Maze of Chaos, goes on sale on November 21 under the Suspiria Records label. The Maze of Chaos tour opening gig takes place together with the band [In Mute]. The concert, which is recorded for an upcoming video clip, proves a great success in terms of public.
Perpetual will not stop here, but will continue growing and tearing down walls through death metal.

Perpetual- Maze of Chaos