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In the middle of the summer of 2011, the line up known as Big Chocolate broke up when two of its members left. Dani (drums), Antonio (guitar) and Kenji (vocals) decided to join forces with Granja, Amando and Jabo (bass, guitar and vocal respectively), who were building up a very similar project, and that´s how what you currently known as Nethertale came up.Inevitably, as a result of this new components mixture, the band´s sound evolves towards a more classic, faster and melodic death metal, with hints of a more modern metal; and together this the band members’ multiple influences, make Nethertale’s sound very peculiar.From that moment on they start working in the composition of new songs, as well as the live shows and the future projects.Nethertale´s first concert was the 19th of January of 2013 in Wolfest band contest where they got the second place and got the Rockzone award. This gave them the confidence to tour all around the east where they shared stage with bands like A Promise to the Fallen, Estampida,Thirteen Bled Promises or World to Come.

After presenting it in the east side of Spain and playing a few concerts, the band decides to take a break to continue composing. That´s when Kenji decides to leave the band, leaving Jabo in charge of the voices. They played one last show with the new line up at the MortisFest and then they immerse in the pre-production and recording of their first LP “Abyssal Throne”.


JABO – Vocals
ANTONIO – Guitars
AMANDO – Guitars)
DANI – Drums

Nethertale- Abyssal Throne

  1. Last of Us
  2. Black Arts Creation
  3. The Kraken
  4. Bleeding Sails
  5. Calafate
  6. Lernaia Dra
  7. Ad Inferos
  8. Crown of the Seven Pt.I- The Man
  9. Tides of Death
  10. Crown of the Seven Pt.II- The Beast
  11. Bake-Kujira
  12. Retribution
  13. Nebula Funebris
  14. Old Man´s Tale