Mutant Squad

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Mutant Squad, now the most recognizable thrash act hailing from Galicia (Spain), have been making noise since early 2007, when nobody expected the revival of the genre. Since the first live shows in their hometown, Santiago de Compostela, the mutants have developed their sound constantly, slowly constructing their vision of an open minded thrash metal. While others rely on theatrical and artificial presentations, Mutant Squad’s show is based on the honest, pure rocking presence of old combined with a thrashy attitude full of energy. They just want to show themselves as who they are; three young musicians who want to have fun on the stage and beneath it.

Their 2012 Ep “Social Misfits” marked the beginning of a fast rise up through the underground with a more primitive thrash metal based on the works of giants of the genre like Sepultura or Slayer while adding minor foreign sounds from prog music or stoner. The following year, 2013, marked the release of the first full album after the name of “Titanomakhia”. This work had a huge impact in the scene receiving the best critics both in Spain and internationally. The band pushed forward their style, with more complex riffs sometimes near Death Metal, sometimes inspired by the Sludge produced by Atlanta based Mastodon. This LP features eight tracks created under the premise of originality, each one leading its own path of influences while keeping a sense of unity due to an inner core of personality. Six years of continued work have opened widely the band’s musical mind. The debut “Titanomakhia” was co-produced by Angelus Apatrida’s guitar master, Davish G. Alvarez, and mixed by Daniel Cardoso at Ultrasound Studios (Moita, PT). The result is an opera prima full of nonstop face melting riffs and killer drums. Along with their music, the band presents a wide lyrical approach referencing all kinds of inspiration from social topics to literature, pop culture and even esoteric themes.

After releasing Titanomakhia, Mutant Squad has claimed their place among other national bands like the internationally acclaimed Angelus Apatrida, Crisix, or Vita Imana; playing regularly with such acts both in clubs and national open air festivals. Since June 2013 the band has been presenting the new album nonstop with highlights such as their show at Resurrection Fest, where they opened the Jaggermaister Stage surprising everyone with a packed and committed crowd.


  1. Black Harvest
  2. Remember
  3. The Machine
  4. Cannon Fodder


  1. Cult of ignorance
  2. Dead man Wade
  3. Rage of the Ohms
  4. The third eye
  5. Blood over NeoTokyo
  6. Overdose
  7. Titanomakhia
  8. Mutants will rise