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Mistweaver is a melodic death metal band with some heavy touches and other influences. The new work is entitled “Nocturnal bloodshed”.

In the beginning the style was a mixture of doom and death metal, influences that can be recognized on their debut EP “Sol obscurabitur” (2000). At the end of 2001 they released their first full length “Dreams domain” and Mistweaver played abroad for the first time with two dates in Portugal.. A new step in Mistweaver’s career was the recording of the album “The aftermath” at Space lab studios in Germany in 2002.

During The aftermath tour they had the opportunity to play in the well know Milwaukee metal fest (USA) in 2003. The third album was entitled “Age of darkness” (2005) at was recorded at VSR studios in Madrid and mastered at Finnvox studios in Finland.

Due to line up changes and the closure of the label the live activity was not very regular during the next years, but new songs were breeding, so in May 2008 they entered the Sonic train studios in Sweden and recorded the album “Tales from the grave” with Andy LaRocque. After some member changes, and this time with a solid line up, they have recorded their brand new album “Nocturnal bloodshed”.

During these years Mistweaver has played a lot of gigs and participated in several festivals so they had the chance to share stage with many bands like Suffocation, Strapping young lad, Avulsed, Enslaved, Misery index, Exodus, Grave, Mortician, W.A.S.P., Grave digger, Sodom, Ensiferum, among others.

Mistweaver- Nocturnal Bloodshed

  1. The Birth
  2. The Biggest Threat
  3. Pandemonium
  4. Hell´s Arrival
  5. God Is Dead
  6. Nocturnal Bloodshed
  7. Perpetual Darkness
  8. End Of Times
  9. Deceivers´ Fal