Lethal Vice

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Lethal Vice emerges in 2005 with Calo´s idea of starting a heavy metal band with his mate Jean, the former bassist. Soon after Charly joined the band as the vocalist. During the successive and turbulent years that followed, many were the musicians who tried to play the guitars, drums and bass, leaving each one them a small contribution to helping define their music style which changed from Heavy Metal to their actual thrasher style. Despite having released a demo (“Here Comes The Reaper”) self-published in 2008, it wasn´t until 2010 that the band reached its most stable point, with Cheche and Alex as indispensable part of their line-up. This would benefit the association with the production company Breaking Producións and it gave birth to some of the most famous gigs of the band along with internationals D.R.I. or VICIOUS RUMORS.

Unfortunately, this period came to an end in 2011 with the leaving of their bass player, producing a period of inactivity until 2012. It is at this point where the project started with renewed strengths, with Abel on the bass, to move towards to their most immediate future, recording it´s first album for Suspiria Records with an estimated release date during 2014.

Lethal Vice- Thrash Converters

  1. Insert Coin
  2. In Greed We Trust
  3. Diplomatic Immunity
  4. Psycho Surgery
  5. NWO
  6. Street Violence
  7. Godless World
  8. Operation Warehouse
  9. Zombies From Outer Space
  10. Lethal Thrashing Madness