BiographySuspiria Records Albums

The band is formed in the year 2006, with members coming from several bands all set in Albacete. With this beginning they started to practice, progress and gave birth to an established style in the form of Melodic Death Metal with some experimental flavor.
From these sessions in several months of work the first demo took form as “Oniric”, with five brand new songs, besides Frequency begun to play live in some concerts around the province.
After this warm up in 2007 the band decided to take some time between the live concerts to the composition and creation of new songs leaving in a background plane the experimental and progressive elements of their sound.
Two years later in 2009, with much more experience, some contest awards, more practice and evolution in the creation of new pieces, and with much more compenetration between the members, the band became to the decision of recording their first MCD called this time “Prime”, compound of 4 new songs all of them recorded in Planet Music at Albacete.
After this the band started to promote in a more exhaustive way and started to play live again, this time growing in the number of dates and cities, and finally accompanying Dedom Vash and Krakatoa in a local tour around the region.
Back in 2010 and with good vibrations from the previous effort Frequency decided to grow in ambition and began the full-time composition and improvement of their first professional full-length CD.
After a lot of time in their rehearsal studio this came to and end with the idea and songs that will gave birth to “Rotten Empire”, with 10 new brand new cuts and recorded in Sadman Studios at Madrid.
Actually band have negotiated and signed with the record label Suspiria Records for this new CD and is about to close the latest artwork details, besides the band is scheduling the upcoming live dates for the presentation and promotion of Rotten Empire that you can enjoy in the next months.


  1. Alone I Dwell
  2. Inner Masquerade
  3. Roy Pribeaux´s Loveless
  4. From Yesterday
  5. Feed The Lambs
  6. Cocaine
  7. I Must Die
  8. As You Created Hell
  9. Story Devourer
  10. A Shadow That Revolver