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Estampida was founded in 1995 in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. With Gastón Reto on drums, joins the current guitarist, Juan Cruz Sarlinga, In 1999 Gerardo Valenzuela on vocals and in 2000 enters the group Lucas Valenzuela on bass and vocals. In 2002 the band decided to move to Europe to record their 1st LP. Finally, Franco Sarlinga joins the band as lead guitarist. In mid-2008 Estampida released his first album titled “ Sin Rencor”. Among the performed concerts  include its participation in the V Competition Pop-Rock Bilbovisión, In wich Estampida wins the first prize, taking part in several festivals, including The Rockstudios Christmas Festival and Barakado Rockaldia in which Estampida shares the stage with the legendary Over the Rainbow for more than two thousand people and with excellent reviews. In 2010 comes the second album entitled “BrainwashersEstampida starts to prepare its first video for the album’s title track. This leads the group begins its first tour to cities such as Valencia, Castellón and Lleida, Rock Star of Barakaldo and Castrorock 2010 with Leo 037.

In mid-2010 the singer Gerardo Valenzuela leaves the band, handling lead vocals the bass player Lucas Valenzuela, Estampida shares the stage with New Yorkers Suffocation and Dying Fetus. Reviews improve, and the band shares the stage with Lacrimas Profundere in the Temple Of Metal and plays in the  Xtreme Mas Metal Fest, with bands such as Crisix, Angelus Apátrida, Gauntlet, We all fall and Noctem among many others. Also involved in the compilation Metal Norte 2 giving a preview of their third album with the song “Insane” and a remake of the song “Brainwashers“.

In 2012 signed with the Genoese Nadir Music for recording their third album titled CROWD CONTROL: THE JAWS OF WAR, consisting of 11 tracks and 2 bonus, the band begins the tour called “Uncontrolled Crowds” in such cities as Madrid, Miranda de Ebro, Guadalajara, Murcia, Alicante, Benidorm, Castellón, Avilés, Leon, Barcelona, Bilbao and many more ….

In 2013 Estampida announces their new bassist, Edana, leaving Lucas taking care only of the voices. By year end, Estampida wins the Metal Lorca battle of bands , which gives them a straight pass to the festival alongside bands such as Labyrinth, Exodia, Hitten, Dragonfly, Muro, Pacho  Brea and many more ….

In late 2013 Gaston left the band going to take his place Walter SantoroEstampida`s friend since its inception. With the new lineup will present live his new single “Strikeback” recorded in  La Sala de Máquinas de Lorca, in collaboration with Juli Baz, Crisix`s singer .

Estampida will release the first EP of the band on March 2015, recorded with Pedro Monge (Vhäldemar) at Chromaticity Studios  and announced his signing with the Spanish label Suspiria Records for recording their fourth album.