Dark Eternity

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Dark Eternity is a melodic death metal band formed in Vigo (Spain).
Officially the band was created in 2007 under the name ‘Shadows Of The Dead’ with Rodrigo Blas (Rhythm Guitar & Vocals), Jorge Fernández (Lead Guitar) , Carlos Pérez (Bass) and Alex Otero (Drums). But a few months later Alex left the band. Manuel Rodríguez, member of ‘Bleed’ and friend of Carlos, completed the band.
All together recorded some songs in “Estudos Desamparados”: “Dark End” (2007), “Your Apocalypse” and “Shadows Of The Dead” (2008).
In late 2009, and after several concerts in Vigo, the band entered in the studio to record that would be their first demo,titled “The Last Way To The End”, recorded, mixed and mastered in “Estudios Desamparados” that consist of 8 tracks of classic melodeath, influenced by the scandinavian scene.
Before the demo was release in 2010, they were decided to rename the band to Dark Eternity.
In this year the band promoted their first demo, played with important locally bands as Agónica and Skydancer and also with the Canadians The Agonist.
In February of 2011, the band entered in the studio to record their first album titled ‘Selenia’.
While the band was recording, Manuel Rodríguez left the band and Eloi Pascual (Silent Knight, Sunvoid) was the new member of Dark Eternity on drums.
‘Selenia’ is a big step for the band. The album including a awesome sound, better melodies and faster riffs. Was recorded and mixed in ‘Bedroom Studios’ by Daniel Soengas and mastered in ‘Mafia Record Studios’.
Dark Eternity signs with ‘Suspiria Records’ for the album “Selenia”.
After finishing the tour of our last release ‘Selenia’, we wanna start thinking about the future.
Dark Eternity, since it’s birth, has been always a 4 member band. We never thought about any other posibility.
But sometimes, the sake of the band is on top of everything and we’ve considered this is time for a change.
The songs for our next work are pretty advanced in their writing and we believe they have a major complexity and speed than anything we’ve done before, and they’re damn it kickass! We’re gonna do our best on this album and for that reason we thought about incorporate a new main singer.
We thought a lot about it, into finding the right person for that, and we finally found Alex de la Sota, who since his first moment, he buckled down into the project with his full strenght and interest, making us see he was the right guy to take part of this new era of Dark Eternity.
For the ones who already know us, it’s gonna be different to what they’re used, but we are sure he’s not gonna disappoint anyone.


  1. Selenia
  2. Realm of Darkness
  3. Aeon
  4. Blanket of Stars
  5. Before the Dawn
  6. The Fate of Human Being
  7. Beneath a Bleeding Sky