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After 10 years, 4 albums and more than a hundred shows with his previous band ¨Skydancer¨, Dany Soengas decides to start a new musical adventure, ¨Atreides¨. This band it´s pure power metal, the genre that let him into music. Since the beginning, he counts with Emi Ramirez, experienced vocalist in other bands (now also on ¨Wichfyre¨) who had the guts of giving strength and melody to the vocal lines. With the project a bit more established, David Borjas joins on drums (also on ¨Angel Rubin’s¨ band) and Antonio Orihuela on bass.

The debut album ¨Cosmos¨ shows power, pomposity, and an overwhelming passion with no need of orchestral arrangements. The lyrics, in Spanish, are totally focused on philosophy, trying to understand the deepest feelings of mankind.

In almost 40 minutes of playing time, we can find songs at full speed and technique, (¨Cosmos¨, ¨Alma Errante¨) some instrumental stuff (¨Singularidad¨, ¨Providencia¨), and even mid-tempos, where the vocalist explains with calm the personal feelings inside the lyrics (¨Distancia¨, ¨Medianoche¨). There are also other speedy songs as ¨Cruzando el Bosque¨ or ¨Garret¨ where the only important thing is to have fun with their catchy choruses.

The songs had been written, produced and mixed by Dany Soengas, and mastered by Jose Rubio (ex Warcry – Nova Era), who also played a guitar solo on ¨Cruzando el Bosque¨.

Atreides- Cosmos

  1. Singularidad
  2. Cosmos
  3. Medianoche
  4. Distancia
  5. Providencia
  6. Alma Errante
  7. Cruzando el Bosque
  8. Garret