19 September, 2018


Perpetual was born in 2006, formed by members of different local bands from A Coruña, such as Kromlech, Black Dama, Last Flyer, … In 2009 they recorded their first demo: Visions of Death. A raw recording, but in which you can already guess the sound that will characterize the band, halfway between technical and melodic death metal, the result of having a single guitar and a bass, something unusual within the style. In 2014 Perpetual began to think about recording their first album, and, after refusing some offers, decided to self-release it to have full control of the album. It would take the name of one of his most recent songs: Carving a Dismembered God. It was recorded pretending to get the most natural sound, similar to live sound. The band gives concerts throughout Spain (along with bands like Avulsed, Childrain or Ciconia) and also becomes part of festivals such as 981 United, Napalm Fest, Trasnoise Fest, etc. Now Perpetual take a step further and join forces with Suspiria Records for the release of their second album, which will mean a remarkable evolution in their sound … Welcome!