29 December, 2016

Norunda signs with Suspiria Records!

We are proud to present you the new Suspiria Records signing. Norunda is a Metal band created by Rubén Cuerdo (ex-Blast Off). The group has influences from the old-school Thrash Metal with some progressive parts and catchy choruses, adding some blues-flavored voices added to demolishing drums that enhances every rhythmic detail of the compositions. Norunda are about to release “Irruption”, which will be one of the sensations of 2017. The band is completed by the producer (Angelus Apatrida, Mutant, Agónica, Bloodhunter, Blast Off, Khuda, Nebora, Switchtense, Hills Have Eyes, …). Pedro Mendes, also a W.A.K.O. and Sullen member, and Marcelo Aires, specialized percussion musician who is also actively enrolled in bands such as Sullen, Pãodemónio, Colosso, Pinturas Negras, The Ominous Circle, W.A.K.O. and Gaya Quintet. The year of Norunda is coming, stay tuned…