21 October, 2016

Violblast release “Bearing Witness”

After their first single “Conflict”, Violblast release “Bearing Witness”, the second single from their new album “Conflict” which is going to be released on November the 25th through Suspiria Records. This time they present to us a heavier and slower song.

19 October, 2016

“LÁZARUS”, the new Talesien Video Playthrough

After their long awaited song ‘Insomnio’, here comes “Lázarus” as a video playthrough; the second advance of their brand new album, which is set to be released the 4th of November.

7 October, 2016

“Conflict”, the new Violblast single

We are premiering “Conflict”, the first single from the new Violblast album, which is going to be released on November the 25th through Suspiria Records.As you can see, the band outdoes itself with a faster, more aggressive and brutal sound.

5 October, 2016

“Insomnio”, new Tálesien single

Four years without new Tálesien material is too much time. But the wait has been worth. Today, October the 5th we are premiering the first single from the band’s new album. “Insomnio” is the perfect example of what this new album will bring,

30 September, 2016

The Descent signs with Suspiria Records

The Melodic Death Metal band The Descent is already with Suspiria Records. Known for their quality, their aggressiveness and their extraordinary melodies, the band has already prepared its new album “The coven of rats”, continuing its brilliant “Dimensional matters” which will be a huge musical step forward.

20 September, 2016

Release date for the new Violblast album

There already is a release date for the new Violblast album. The chosen title is “Conflict” and will be available on 25th of November. With this teaser you are going to be able to hear a fragment of what will be one of the best Thrash Metal releases in 2016.

6 July, 2016

TÁLESIEN signs with Suspiria Records!

Suspiria Records has the honor to announce that the great Tálesien are already part of the label. No introductions are needed for such a revered and respected group as they are, but the band starts a new and promising stage after four years of silence. Their next self-titled album will be the fourth in their […]

5 July, 2016

Raze Splits Up…

We’re bringing bad news today. Thrash Metal band Raze splits up coinciding with the eighth anniversary of its first concert as a band. They leave after two great works as their debut “Man vs. Machine” and the great “Mankind’s heritage”, released through with Suspiria Records.

4 July, 2016

VIOLBLAST Signs with Suspiria Records

Thrash Metal band Violblast is already in Suspiria Records. The group was previously known as Betrayer, but in August 2012 their new vocalist joins the band and change its name to Violblast. In May 2014 they record their first EP, “Permanent Hate“, which was officially released in July of that year, having good reviews in […]

29 June, 2016

“Disguised Queen”, New Slammin’ Thru Video

Slammin’ Thru presents new video, “Disguised queen”, one of the featured songs from their album “Things to come” and it has become a classic of the band. The video was produced and directed by Salva Tore and it conveys perfectly the essence of the band with a mix of light, shadows and musical complexity.

6 June, 2016

“Frágiles”, New Atreides Video

Power metal band ATREIDES, which is already working on its second album “Neopangea”, has released its first music video today. The band has chosen the song “Frágiles” for the video, which is going to be included on its second album.

25 May, 2016

Blast Off Announces New Guitarist

Rubén, Blast Off’s guitar, has left the band after nearly two years together, for personal reasons. From Suspiria Records we wish him well in this new stage of his life. Good luck Rubén! The band already has a new guitarist, Álex, who is known for his excellent work in Lethal Vice, he lands in Blast […]