7 October, 2016

“Conflict”, the new Violblast single

We are premiering “Conflict”, the first single from the new Violblast album, which is going to be released on November the 25th through Suspiria Records.As you can see, the band outdoes itself with a faster, more aggressive and brutal sound.

We are also unveiling the cover of “Conflict”, an excellent work of the artist Axel Verdugo.
The final tracklist is as follows:

1- Deep Into Darkness
2- Conflict
3- Wielders of Fear
4- Sings of a Murder
5- Invisible Death
6- Reprisal
7- Paths of Aggression
8- Bearing Witness
9- Individuality

Enjoy this new song and stay tuned to Violblast, because we will soon present you a new single from “Conflict”