3 March, 2017

Atreides’ “Neopangea” out now!

From now on you can get the second chapter in the history of Atreides, ¨Neopangea¨. Despite the good reviews received for their debut, the band has decided to open their influences and complete a work that, despite its Power Metal sound, it’s full of darkness and aggressiveness. It shows a strong but accessible sound, convinced that the fight for Metal only can be won by being faithful to its genre. Produced and written by guitarist Dany Soengas, it has been brought to life thanks to the talent of Ivan López (vocals), Adrián Moa (drums), and Antonio Orihuela (Bass). The album has been recorded in his own studio taking the time to polish every little detail. The band will be presenting the album on Friday, March 17th in their city.
Cartel Atreides