20 January, 2017

Atreides’ “Neopangea” cover and tracklist

Atreides presents ¨Neopangea¨, available in March through Suspiria Records. Despite the good reviews received for their debut “Cosmos”, the band hasn’t chosen a continuist attitude. Always bearing the power metal flag, this new album will open their full range of influences, from thrash tracks to dark and intimate metal. Atreides will present a new single soon, before the release of the new album, which is added to the already published video of “Frágiles”. We’re also revealing the cover and tracklist:


  1. Caminante
  2. Penitencia
  3. Laberintos
  4. La Niebla
  5. Frágiles
  6. Balada Nº6
  7. Plaga Capital
  8. ¿A dónde ir?
  9. Solaris
  10. Nueva Pangea